Wild Fitness

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Date:05 Apr, 2015

Wild Fitness

Run. Jump. Climb. Crawl. Lift. Throw. Carry. Drag. Play.  Smile!

Unlike a normal run of the mill repetitive gym workout, our classes are fun and carefully structured to give you results, fast.  We scale all the exercises so they are challenging, no matter what your fitness levels are.

As well as utilising our natural surroundings, we like to use equipment like sand bags, slam balls, logs, and kettlebells to carry out functional movements and increase intensity where its needed.

We want you to not only enjoy the classes, but become fitter for every day life.

Wildfit…organic fitness

We currently offer the following classes

Go Wild

A fun and challenging outdoor group fitness class, suitable for the whole family.

Indoor options during the winter.

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Running Wild

This is our weekly high intensity running class, which is held off road through the lighter months.

If you want to get better at running or fancy trying your first 5K or 10k, then this is the class for you. We work on speed, strength, endurance and technique to make you a better all round runner.

running class 2


Our brand new yoga class compliments the other classes perfectly, improving both your physical and mental health, and is very good for injury prevention. This class will be taken outside in the woods during the dryer months.