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Welcome To Wildfit

The natural way to health and happiness

At Wildfit we aim to completely transform our members lives by inspiring them to exercise outdoors, eat healthily, take up new activities and enter fun and challenging events, and make some great friends along the way. We are a family of likeminded, friendly individuals, with a love for the outdoors, nature and adventure.

Exercising outdoors has more benefits than indoor fitness programs:

  • Burn more fat. (Being in the cold causes your body to burn more fat to stay warm)
  • Stronger. (Moving and running on un level terrain causes your body to utilise the smaller stabilising muscles which in turn increases overall strength and helps prevent injury)
  • Full Body Movement. (Unlike a class with a repetitive movement or one that targets one specific muscle group or metabolic pathway, our classes are full of functional everyday movements and will hit all the energy pathways needed for a complete fitness program in order for you to reach your goals).
  • Laughing and Smiling is medicine! (Although we work hard, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Team games and fun instructors will ensure you leave with a smile on your face).
  • Community and Friends helps you live longer…fact! (Having friends and belonging to a supportive community has been proven to be essential for a longer happier life. You will make new lifelong friends as a Wildfit member and have the support of our community as you strive to reach your goals)

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Exercising outdoors in nature is proven to be the most beneficial way to improve your health.  

We love exercising outdoors in all weathers throughout the year, but we do offer additional indoor ones through the winter, for practical and safety reasons.

As well as meeting up at our regular classes we also hold social events throughout the year including a quiz night, an awards evening, and activity days like our recent stand up paddle boarding trip to Camber.

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Come and join our community of like-minded people, enjoying natural surroundings, having fun, making new friends, and getting fitter and healthier at the same time. 

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We have a number of different membership options so take a look at the Join Now page to see our prices, and when you are ready, book yourself on a free trial class and just turn up, you won’t regret it.